From the very beginning of the Breeding Station it has never been our intention to produce a pure race. In other words we do not breed nor sell pure races. However, we do believe in a basic strain, pigeons that are formed by the fancier himself, thanks to clever crosses and a very severe selection. We are opposed to breeding in pure blood relationship since at the Breeding Station with its over 4,000 breeding couples, this cannot possibly lead to an improvement of quality. Quite on the contrary.


Our favorites

Pol Bostijn from Moorslede won numerous national and international victories in long-distance and very long distance races. Indeed, everyone knows pigeons like “Benoni”, “Chico” and “Pasport”.

Dr. Arthur Bricoux from Jolimont won historic long distance races. He was almost unbeatable on races such as Pau, Bordeaux, Dax, Sint-Vincent, Libourne, Angoulême and you name it.

The pigeons of the basic strain De Scheemaecker are still particularly popular. Today this basic loft still includes a large number of descendants of the “69”. They are particularly successful on both the one-lofts and the traditional championships. The first national middle-distance acepigeon of the Royal Belgian Pigeon Racers Association (KBDB) 2011 moreover has a grandson of the “69” as father , whereas the 1st ace-pigeon of the Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2005 in South-Africa was a daughter of the “69”.